Portraits For Pets

Artist Monica Magnetti has ventured into portraits for pets. She is has years of experience in multimedia art and will do the best pet portrait for your BFF.

How it Started

Monica stumbled onto pet portraits almost by chance. While experimenting with new photo techniques, she tried using her painting skills to manipulate photos of her dogs and her friends’ dogs. Her friends were ecstatic! So she decided to offer her new skills to the world.

Why make a portrait of my pet?

“Our visual environment evokes strong emotions,” say Monica. “By surrounding ourselves with beautiful and meaningful images, we can do so much to improve the quality of our lives.”

“One of the beautiful things in my life is my dogs. Some of my best ideas come when we’re walking together. And I’m not the only one who feels that way. Many of my coaching and consulting clients tell me that the time they spend with their pets ranks high on their scale of happiness.”

If your pet brings you joy and happiness, why not celebrate their presence in your life with a portrait?

Gallery of past work