Bio Pet Portraits

Multimedia artist Monica Magnetti is passionate about animals. Her pet portraits delight pet owners everywhere. Part of the profit goes to animal charities.

Growing up in the Italian countryside

Growing up in the Italian countryside, the Magnetti family was always surrounded by pets.

“My sisters rescued animals from the streets,” recalls Monica. “They would trick our parents into agreeing to keep a stray for a week, saying that the owner (their best friend) had to go out of town.

By the eighth day, that story had been forgotten and the animal would become part of the family.” Monica remembers these adopted animals fondly.

A photographer

A photographer, knitter and gourmet cook, Monica brings her enthusiasm, creativity and artistic touch to everything she does.

Monica’s Background

Monica is a Certified Life Coach and Executive Consultant offering business management & leadership training to small businesses and entrepreneurs.


Inspired over twenty years ago by Judy Stone of Animal Advocates Society of BC, and because Monica has rescued dogs and cats for her family,  she decided to donate part of her profit to this animal charity.




Italian Landscape







Hand-knit blankets with star