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April 2016

One More Pug Portrait

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Pug Portrait

Another pug portrait! How was so thrilled when I was asked to make one ! And not just any pug. My latest pug portrait is of my pug Naku’s brother, handsome Rodney.

When I grew up in Italy, getting a dog was a simple exchange between friends. Dog-lover friends would get first dibs on your planned puppies and you would get first dibs on theirs.

Mutts, purebreds, it didn’t matter. No one ever bought a dog. We got a dog when we needed or wanted one. They all arrived with an interesting history.

We always knew their brothers and sisters because they had usually been a part of this dog-lover exchange. Dogs were an extension of friendship, and spending time with relatives of our dogs was a normal thing.

There was a downside to this, though. People didn’t feel responsible for their dogs or for what it took to care for them properly. Few people ever took steps to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

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