Vancouver Custom Cards for Any Occasion

Custom Cards with Your BFF

Vancouver Custom Cards

Now, from anywhere in the world, you can order your Vancouver custom cards for any occasion featuring your pets.

We all know that our animals are very perceptive. We know that every animal, even dogs from the same litter, are unique.

Why not make custom cards that show what your pet thinks of you?

Look at the card I designed for my son on his 28th birthday. When I first saw this photo of my pugs staring into the camera lens, I wondered, What is their expression telling me?

I decided that those wide-open pug eyes would be perfect for a play on numbers. I multiplied 7 dog years by 28 and got 196. Who wouldn’t be surprised by such a high number?

My son is always telling me how much I spoil my dogs and let them live life on their own terms. That inspired the last two vignettes: 196 years, and my son still hasn’t learned how to live life like a dog. Definitely a slow learner!

Even though my son is a cat person, he loved the card designed for him. I’ve noticed that when I make cards for my friends, often printing them on a t-shirt too, they are very excited.

Producing your own cards sets you apart in the way you acknowledge your friends and loved ones.

If you’re like me and most dog owners, whose pets are a part of our social life, your friends will see that you acknowledge how important their pets are in your life too. products delight pet owners. You may consider ordering your pet portrait and you may decide to order products with your pet image.

Don’t hesitate! With Vancouver custom cards from PetsPortraits, you will shine as a pet owner and a friend.

XOXO Monica

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