Black Pug Portrait

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Black Pug Portrait

People ask me about the results of ordering a black pug portrait. I have made a portrait of my black pug Naku’ to show the results.

What I have learned after having my first black dog, my black pug Naku”, is that black dogs are difficult to photograph. To be more specific, is not as easy to take a good casual picture of a black pug that it is of a fawn pug. I have hundreds of examples.

This means that when you make a portrait of a black dog you will run into the ame issue.

Once, my black pug Naku’ was sitting at the kitchen table in my previous house, and she was sitting right below a skylight. I took a photo and realized, that was the first not-staged photo that looked amazing.

When I photograph a black pug, or a black dog in general, I pay close attention on how the light hits their head or their face. To find the best light before a shoot without boring the dog too much, I use a black stuffed toy and I move it around until I find the perfect setting.

From there I can design the background, which usually consists of a blanket or towel behind the subject to create the preferred colour background.

Understand the best light to photograph or portray a back pug, or dog, is the best way to take casual photos of that dog in multiple situation. Understanding how the dog has to be positioned in respect to the light, will allow you to make any photo you take outside a winning photo!

Black pugs are the best!

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