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January 2016

Black Pug Portrait

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<imgsrc="image.jpg"alt ="order black pug portrait"title="Black pug portrait"/>

Black Pug Portrait

People ask me about the results of ordering a black pug portrait. I have made a portrait of my black pug Naku’ to show the results.

What I have learned after having my first black dog, my black pug Naku”, is that black dogs are difficult to photograph. To be more specific, is not as easy to take a good casual picture of a black pug that it is of a fawn pug. I have hundreds of examples.

This means that when you make a portrait of a black dog you will run into the ame issue.

Once, my black pug Naku’ was sitting at the kitchen table in my previous house, and she was sitting right below a skylight. I took a photo and realized, that was the first not-staged photo that looked amazing. Read More