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"To my wife June, Jasper is the perfect husband substitute." -Barry Z


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@ Pets Portraits you can also find Hand Knit Blankets


These fleece blankets are definitely unique!

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Pet Portraits Vancouver

Welcome to Pets Portraits, where your best friend will become your best art. Multimedia artist Monica Magnetti offers a new approach to portraying your pets.

Now you can grace your home with a modern yet classically styled portrait of your pet, bringing even more pet joy into your life.

Pets Portraits is based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Monica creates custom portraits from photos, so you can order your pet portrait from anywhere in the world!

Part of the proceeds from Pets Portraits goes to a charity of your choice.

Your best friend deserves a beautiful portrait. Order yours now!

XOXO Monica

Just recently added: unique blankets that are hand-knit, hand-embroidered and hand-crochet.


These one-of-a-kind blankets  are called SCALDA CUORI. That means “Heart Warmer” in Italian.  They are perfect for everyone—babies, kids, adults, pets—and the best part is that I’m donating part of the  proceeds to a charity of your choice.